Shift-Worker APP: Key Features

  • Configurable to any roster type via a user friendly scheduler;
  • Calculates chronotype (morning – evening type) to customise prompts against roster;
  • Tracks daylight by your location anywhere in the world against your roster and prompts to optimise exposure to healthy light;
  • Flags when minimum light exposure to support health is not being reached;
  • Prompts food and sleep promoting behaviour in line with roster;
  • Sleep Calculator – recommends when to go to sleep and get up against shift pattern in line with sleep cycles;
  • Facility to share your roster with others e.g. partners/ team mates;
  • See important events against your roster quickly e.g. birthdays, weddings, special occasions;
  • Record your get up and sleep times as well as sleep quality – see trends over time weekly, monthly, yearly.

Available on IOS & Android